John Griffing Exposes CSCOPE That Caused Failing Schools Districts In Tx To Rise From 100-500--Watch Out For Its Sister-Common Core
Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 12:14PM
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[4.8.13 – John Griffing is an investigative journalist  (e.g., World Net Daily, American Thinker, etc.) and a superb speaker.  Because of his passion to protect America’s school children, he has made himself available not only as a writer but also as a speaker.  John Griffing’s contact information: ; 831-676-8406 (cell).


P. S. Since John gave this presentation at Friendswood, Texas, SB 1406 (which puts CSCOPE under the purview of the Texas State Board of Education) passed out of the Senate Education Committee last Friday, 4.5.13.  -- Donna Garner]



“John Griffing Speaks on CSCOPE: March 28, 2013”

From Kathy Rogers



Click the YouTube link to see our FRW [Friendswood, Texas] speaker on CSCOPE.  The video is 38 minutes long.  John Griffing is charming, and you can totally listen to this video in the background while you work.


The important thing to note is that it is not JUST the biased history lessons, but also the “students teaching other students” philosophy of CSCOPE and the track record of non-success (with 875 of 1025 districts in Texas using CSCOPE the number of failing districts has gone from 100 to 500) that are cause to remove CSCOPE from our public schools:


Link to YouTube:


Not to mention the fact that CSCOPE costs money every year even for the parts a district chooses not to use --



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