Chaplains are Threatened - Troops are Further Endangered 
Thursday, November 4, 2010 at 05:27PM
City On A Hill

Our first military chaplains were authorized by the Second Continental Congress at the request of our first Commander-in-Chief,  General George Washington.  In fact, his acceptance of the position leading the army was conditional upon two points:  one, that paid Christian chaplains would be appointed for our troops' spiritual well-being during the war; two, that he would receive no salary for his own services. 

Now the very existence of our military chaplains is being threatened by the Obama administration's attempt to change the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy to permit open displays of homosexual behavior in the military.  Christian and Jewish Chaplains will not be permitted to teach Biblical doctrine regarding homosexuality.  They can be discharged from the service for their refusals to perform "marriages" between persons of the same gender.  A host of consequences, including losing their military careers and retirement benefits, can be meted out to chaplains who will not compromise Biblical truths.

Our troops will be severely punished as well, losing the caring, compassionate guidance and ministry of good people, just when they need them most, during time of war.

Let's show our support for our troops and chaplains, too, by informing our communities, pastors and churches about this dreadful and dangerous change that is likely coming in December by the Obama Administration. 

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