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Lord, I thought I knew you,

   but know the winds have changed.

Tossed away, will you find me?

   Can still , my heart be sustained?

Just me and you when things were new,

then the season's storms blew by.

   Did I forget to worship you?


Will you come, Lord Jesus to gather us- your sheep.

   For the days grow long and still,

If we watch and wait, will you hear us yet-

   Can we stand strong to do you will?


 The wheat has been blowing in that field,

   While the laborers are so few.

What then, now are we waiting for?

   Can hardened hearts become like new?


 Safely can we stay behind you,

   as we march with your trumpet sound?

Or- have we stayed and hid so long now,

   That our roots dry underground?


 I pray Lord that you will find me.

   I pray not to be ashamed.

I seek you when it's early Lord.

   I pray not to fall away.


So come Lord Jesus come quickly-

   The terrible day is at hand.

I pray we'll all be steadfast.

   So you may strengthen our spirits ,

as we stand.


Loree Brownfield

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Common Core Standards --All Alabamians Need To Decide If They Want Washington Control Over Their Child's Education

Common Core Standards agreed upon for RTT---click on picture to study


Link to article with contact info of legislator and tips on how to contact them

Why is it so hard to get rid of common core when more and more states are trying to get out of the program.  Alabama State School Board signed us on to Common Core as part of condition in hopes of receiving Race To the Top money on January of  2010 (when the final draft of these standards were not out until March 2010 and published in June 2010)!

Could it be that lies and pride get in the way?  What else could it be when educators failed to study the truth for themselves?  Priorities become misplaced and they rely on what others tell them instead of doing what they were trained to do--study for themselves.   If they did,  they would realize the truth that Alabama no longer has control of their standards no matter what Tommy Bice may say--you will have to go to Washington.  Obamacore is to education as Obamacare is to health--these are tools for control (deja vu-Nancy Pelosi plan of "let's pass the bill," so we can know what's in it--was deployed).

The first law that started education was the Old Deluder Satan Act and it was set up so children would know how to read and compare laws being made against God's Word.  What a wonderful reason for learning: wisdom and "fear or awe" of the LORD.  Wisdom without perspective in the Word of God is like mindless chatter--it is no good.
On 2-27-2013 many came to Montgomery, Alabama to a joint hearing in regard to Common Core Standards.  But alas the Republican led Senate and House Committee on Education Policy gave misleading information causing only a small number of those who came to speak against common core to be heard (22 min vs 58 min) It was really incredible to see such a large gathering of educators especially so many superintendents.

Here are truths people have found out and shared at the hearing amidst the clamor of the wonders of common core and how we have so much invested in it (that we surely must keep on going the wrong way--sounds like Obamacare all over again)!
In summary,  Jane Robbins plus Emmett McGroarty of The American Principles Project, along with Lisa Harris a former Georgia teacher and others shared great information.  Read some excerpts of what they said and/or you can watch their videos below.


  • Jane Robbins  said:  "On quality of standards--there were two pre-eminent content experts on the Common Core Validation Committe --the only mathematician on the committee said--it was almost a joke to think that students who went thru common core would be ready for University level math.  And as far as  economic development, if Alabama doesnt have Common Core I don't  think that means you're not going to get any  business anymore (as someone in the hearing testified)  because the state that has the most business in the country now (new business flooding in) is Texas and Texas does not have common core."


  • Lisa Harris (former teacher from Georgia) said:  "Georgia is two years ahead in the implementation of Common Core.  They were one of the first nine states that jumped in full force,  got the waiver--got the grant--got the money.  Now two years into it they hit a brick wall and they are trying to repeal it in Ga.  Two examples how the standards are reduced--Algebra is being moved from 8th to 9th--hurts math success.  In English Language Arts--there is an increase of informational text vs literature--which uses lower level of thinking skills instead of the higher thinking skills are taught through literary devices (as in great literature).  Without the higher thinking skill they will not be successful even in College 101."
  • Emmett McGroarty said:  "Common Core infringes on state autonomy-Standards were developed by private entities.   Entities that have copyrighted the standards.  Participaton in Common Core commits states to using 100 percent of standards.  States can add 15 per cent but cannot change any of it." States also face a number of issues going forward on governance of the standards (issues states  previously decided for themselves).  For example:  who will pay for and will be in charge of evaluating and validating standards and assessments, updating, revising standards; responding to parental concern and complaints; possibly adding new subjects.  Fordham Institute (received funding to propagate common core) knows these have to addressed but is being kicked like a can down the road.  Fordham suggest 10 or 12 member on an Executive Council to govern  these standards-- includes representatives from federal government and variety of private groups but no single representative from any state.  North Carolina Governor Nikki Haley spoke to these concerns when she issued a letter of support in favor of a bill in her state that would end participation to common core."  In summary he is saying Alabama will have no control.  Here is link to Press Conference held prior to hearing which gave so much more great information from Jane Robbins and Emmett McGroarty.

Jane Robbins

Jane Robbins

Lisa Harris


Emmett McGroarty

Betty Peters

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