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Tossed away, will you find me?

   Can still , my heart be sustained?

Just me and you when things were new,

then the season's storms blew by.

   Did I forget to worship you?


Will you come, Lord Jesus to gather us- your sheep.

   For the days grow long and still,

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   Can we stand strong to do you will?


 The wheat has been blowing in that field,

   While the laborers are so few.

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   Can hardened hearts become like new?


 Safely can we stay behind you,

   as we march with your trumpet sound?

Or- have we stayed and hid so long now,

   That our roots dry underground?


 I pray Lord that you will find me.

   I pray not to be ashamed.

I seek you when it's early Lord.

   I pray not to fall away.


So come Lord Jesus come quickly-

   The terrible day is at hand.

I pray we'll all be steadfast.

   So you may strengthen our spirits ,

as we stand.


Loree Brownfield

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*Compiled by Donna Garner (These are some of the best resources on the subject of CSCOPE and the attempts to "dumb down" Texas public schools through legislative intent.  These links are all active at the time of publishing on 4.11.13.)



*The beginning point  – an understanding of Type #1 and Type #2 philosophies of education: 



**To view results released by Pearson from the 2011-12 spring administration of the STAAR/End-of-Course tests, please go to this Texas Tribune link:



*** To see a list of Texas' active CSCOPE districts/school systems as of 8.25.12, please go to this link:



Here is the link to the full, updated list (as of 4.11.13) of numerous anti-CSCOPE and/or dumbing-down resources.  This will help the public to prepare themselves with the facts they need to counter the proponents of CSCOPE and of dumbing-down our Texas public schools:


Donna Garner


John Griffing Exposes CSCOPE That Caused Failing Schools Districts In Tx To Rise From 100-500--Watch Out For Its Sister-Common Core

[4.8.13 – John Griffing is an investigative journalist  (e.g., World Net Daily, American Thinker, etc.) and a superb speaker.  Because of his passion to protect America’s school children, he has made himself available not only as a writer but also as a speaker.  John Griffing’s contact information: ; 831-676-8406 (cell).


P. S. Since John gave this presentation at Friendswood, Texas, SB 1406 (which puts CSCOPE under the purview of the Texas State Board of Education) passed out of the Senate Education Committee last Friday, 4.5.13.  -- Donna Garner]



“John Griffing Speaks on CSCOPE: March 28, 2013”

From Kathy Rogers



Click the YouTube link to see our FRW [Friendswood, Texas] speaker on CSCOPE.  The video is 38 minutes long.  John Griffing is charming, and you can totally listen to this video in the background while you work.


The important thing to note is that it is not JUST the biased history lessons, but also the “students teaching other students” philosophy of CSCOPE and the track record of non-success (with 875 of 1025 districts in Texas using CSCOPE the number of failing districts has gone from 100 to 500) that are cause to remove CSCOPE from our public schools:


Link to YouTube:


Not to mention the fact that CSCOPE costs money every year even for the parts a district chooses not to use --




CSCOPE Targets Private Citizens Critical of Their Program



State senators ask about multi-media presentation criticizing parents

Published: 4.6.13





Members of the Texas Senate Committee on Education have asked representatives of the controversial “curriculum management system” called CSCOPE to explain why they targeted private citizens who have been critical of the program in a multi-media presentation delivered to superintendents and teachers in the state.

The Texas attorney general previously found that CSCOPE is a public entity, despite its organization as a non-profit, since it is composed of government-funded and government-organized Education Service Centers.

The centers previously held microfilm and videos for lease by classroom personnel around the state, and were slated to be defunded until CSCOPE arrived and gave them new roles.

State lawmakers said they wanted to know why a Powerpoint presentation given to educators across the state identified individual citizens who had expressed criticism of CSCOPE.

The presentation was given to CSCOPE schools in advance of a conference, highlighting those who are critics, an issue that now also is being argued before the attorney general.

Critics say since the individuals identified in the presentation were “witnesses,” the state law against “witness intimidation” should apply.

The presentation also spoke of a “shut-off” switch to address leaked lesson and other material that finds its way into public hands.

Meanwhile, studies presented by those giving testimony before the Senate committee showed CSCOPE’s own officers have doubts about CSCOPE’s viability and whether or not CSCOPE is working.


A study conducted by Dawn Schuenemann, head of Education Service Center for Region No. 2, concluded that there were “no significant differences” between the progress of CSCOPE schools in Texas and non-CSCOPE schools. Schuenemann’sresearch shows that CSCOPE has had no impact on academic performance.



WND reported last week that STAAR results (the end of course exam for Texas public schools) show higher failure rates in CSCOPE schools.


And a new study by the American Federation of Teachers, focusing on one independent school district in Texas, revealed that 75 percent of teachers surveyed felt that their students were not adequately prepared for the next grade.

Other reports indicate that teachers in CSCOPE schools are now holding students back from promotion due to CSCOPE’s impact on in-class performance.

CSCOPE Q&A fact sheets admit to the fact that CSCOPE “common assessments” and CSCOPE lessons will not match up, and assign teachers the task of identifying which questions are not aligned to the lessons.

According to CSCOPE, “Because the CSCOPE assessments have not matched 100 percent with the lessons, there have been questions that students have missed. Teachers are to identify questions that are not relevant to the lesson and remove them from the test. Students should never be responsible for information that has not been presented to them. If students do not understand the material that was taught, re-teaching should occur.”

Kara Sands, mother of the student who was given a test that allegedly blamed American foreign policy for 9/11, was also present at the hearing, and gave an exclusive interview to WND.

After the test incident several weeks ago, Sands demanded a meeting with regional CSCOPE officials. She reported CSCOPE officials began to “pitch”their product, Sands told WND. She said, “Dawn Schuenemann said that problems with CSCOPE are the State Board of Education’s fault.”

According to Sands, “They were really trying to guilt me, make me feel bad, saying things like, ‘What’s going to happen if CSCOPE just disappears?’”

CSCOPE argued that “schools would fail,” Sands noted.

Sands explained that she knows plenty of schools that are not failing and that do not use CSCOPE. Sands asked CSCOPE officials present, “If that were true [schools would fail without CSCOPE], then why is CSCOPE trying to get into schools which aren’t failing? Why are we marketing to schools that are okay.”

Sands met with CSCOPE officials four hours straight, and said she was told, “The State Board of Education created guidelines that were impossible to follow, and if it weren’t for us, teachers would be in trouble.”

“I was told by CSCOPE officials that, ‘We were asked by teachers.’ ‘There was an outcry from teachers, and we saw the need,’ they said.”

Sands said she has never met any tenured or veteran educators who like CSCOPE or believe it is needed.

“Young teachers may support it, but certainly no teacher who remembers a time before CSCOPE would endorse that product,” Sands remarked.

“My son brings home worksheets and they make no sense. The math does not show students how to get from A to B.”

Sands contends that students are having to redo worksheets, tests and most assignments because they are asked to begin working without source material, e.g. textbooks.

“I asked my son why he was having to do his math homework without a textbook. He replied that, ‘I have to do it that way.’”

Mary Bowen, a 30-year veteran teacher, curriculum expert and CSCOPE critic, remembers a time before CSCOPE. Bowen told WND that “without the lessons plans, CSCOPE is simply a calendar.”

“Why should Texas schools pay millions of dollars for a calendar that teachers used to compile?”

Bowen sent a sworn affidavit to the Senate committee in which she said, “The ‘curricular management’ aspect of CSCOPE designs a rigid timeline to be followed regardless of student need. The intention is to control teachers from a management standpoint. Teachers report not being allowed to slow down or reteach because administrators use the scope and sequence to check for compliance. This is bad for students.”

CSCOPE, which has described terrorists as freedom fighters, is used by 80 percent of Texas public schools. It has faced heavy criticism by parents, teachers and legislators, culminating in hearings that revealed serious academic deficiencies in CSCOPE in the areas of math, science and English, as well as what many critics believe is an agenda-driven bias in social studies content that promotes a negative view of America.

WND has reported on lessons claiming the Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act, and lessons requiring students to design flags for a new communist country.

Also raised as concerns:

·         Lessons are often not matched to grade level; a ninth-grade lesson asks students to circle capital letters in a sentence.

·         One social studies lesson teaches that capitalism is obsolete and communism is the best economic system, using a diagram that shows a man climbing a ladder towards communism.

·         A third-grade lesson defines American “equality” as “fair share.” Competing definitions that include “equality under the law” or “equal opportunity” are not discussed.

·         Muhammad is portrayed as a social justice crusader: “Caravan manager from Mecca, rich trading city and host to many religious shrines (Ka’bah); married to a rich widow; became disillusioned with the corruption in the city and the growing gap between the urban dwellers and the Bedouins (nomadic herders).” There is no mention of his marriage to a young girl or his beheading of indigenous population groups.

·         Political parties are taught from what critics claim is a subjective and left-leaning perspective, e.g. Democrats “benefit each individual” while Republicans “favor big business.”

In addition to its controversial lesson content, CSCOPE has come under fire for secrecy and lack of transparency. CSCOPE has required teachers and districts to sign “User Agreements” that expose educators to litigation if lesson content or other instructional materials are shared with parents and the public.

CSCOPE also has refused to give parents direct access to CSCOPE content, saying: “We believe that this would actually undercut teachers’ ability to customize a lesson to best serve the students in their classrooms. The teacher should always be a parent’s primary contact in discovering what resources are being used in the learning environment.”

Last week, State Board of Education Chairwoman Barbara Cargill released a statement announcing a new ad hoc review panel that would take charge of CSCOPE lesson review in the short term until actual oversight legislation can be passed into law.


Other teachers reported a test for “Social Studies World Geography Unit 08: North Africa and Southwest Asia 2012-2013″ inserts a perspective into nearly every question and fails to pass even a basic objectivity test.

For example, one test asked: “Why would the U.S. government consider the democratic movements taking place in North Africa and Southwest Asia as a positive change, even if they cause revolution or war?”

The answer? “It considers democracy better for the people of the region than most of the current forms of government there.”

Critics point out that “democracy” has not supplanted dictatorial regimes, but rather “theocracy” grounded in Shariah, the Islamic legal and religious code that demands amputation for petty theft, stoning for adultery, crucifixion for highway robbery and death for homosexuals




***Grassroots people are making a difference in Texas:



by Jason Howerton


Excerpts from this article:

The irate mother immediately contacted her son’s principal and teacher and set up meetings with them. The school then reached out to the video’s distributor, Safari Montage. Sands told TheBlaze that the principal of Flour Bluff Intermediate School admitted that Safari Montage is a CSCOPE supplement.

…As a Texas parent, Sands said she is very concerned about what CSCOPE is teaching children. But the Flour Bluff Independent School District released a statement defending the use of CSCOPE.



3.20.13 – “Flour Bluff Parent Upset Over Lesson on Terrorism & Government”

by Janine Reyes – KRISTV.COM – Corpus Christi


Excerpts from this article:

Kara Sands posted the test on her facebook page and it began to spread like wildfire. The test covers content watched on a video in class. What bothered her most is question #3 on the test. It asks why the U.S. may be a target for terrorism. Her son chose the correct answer - 'decisions we made in the United States that negatively impact people elsewhere.'

"I'm not going to justify radical terrorists by saying we did anything to deserve that, over 3,000 people died," Sands said.

One worksheet on the Bill of Rights names food and medicine as rights, not personal responsibility. "He got marked wrong, because it is, it is our responsibility for shelter, its our responsibility for food for medicine, it’s not the government's responsibility," Sand said.

Flour Bluff officials say Sands is the only parent to complain about the test specifically, but her post on facebook now has 1,662 likes.

Sands says parents need to get involved.

"When I teach my children that you have to work hard and you have to earn a living and they go to school and learn something different I absolutely take issue with that," Sands said.



3.22.13 – Texas Teacher Wears "Vote Obama" Shirt at Lumberton ISD and Posts Vulgar, Anti-Christian/GOP/Fox News Pics on Twitter - Uses CSCOPE



Excerpts from this article:

During the November 2012 election, Lumberton High School teacher Michelle Champagne paraded around the high school wearing a shirt with a picture of Barack Obama and "Vote Obama" written above the picture. This Texas teacher also posts vulgar, anti-Christian, anti-Republican, anti-Fox News, anti-Rick Perry messages and pictures openly on Twitter and says her fellow Lumberton residents “cling to guns and Bibles.” She even refers to a Christian Cross as a Swastika! It is no surprise that this teacher also says she relies heavily on the flawed CSCOPE curriculum!



3.20.13 – “Lumberton ISD Looks To Replace CSCOPE” by David Bellow --


Excerpts from this article:

I am very excited to say that the Lumberton School Board has listened and has formed a committee to examine how CSCOPE can be replaced at Lumberton ISD.

The Lumberton curriculum committee is to be made up of district employees, parents and other community members, and it will present its findings to the administration and board by the June school board meeting.

I encourage other parents and taxpayers in other Texas communities to do the same thing. Go to your local school board meetings, speak to the board and plead with them to stop using CSCOPE because of all of the problems. Then take it further, get a group together and start speaking louder. They might not listen to one voter, but they will listen when a group of voters starts demanding they do away with CSCOPE.


[3.20.13 – On 3.19.13 Ector Co. ISD superintendent Hector Menendez announced his retirement. He has been an advocate for CSCOPE and of Guided Reading, both of which have been totally discredited.  It was under Menendez that Ector Co. ISD decided to spend $1.7 Million of taxpayers’ dollars to expand CSCOPE for the 2012-13 school year  --  – Donna Garner]



Donna Garner



CSCOPE List of Resources--Get informed




*Compiled by Donna Garner (These are some of the best resources; however, there are many other fine articles and interviews on the subject of CSCOPE.  These links are all active at the time of publishing on 3.21.13.)


3.20.13 - “Committee to vet Lumberton ISD curriculum” – The Beaumont Enterprise --




3.20.13 – “What Gets Measured Gets Treasured: SB 1724 Would Harm Our Students”

by Donna Garner --



3.19.13 – “CSCOPE Curriculum Designer Employed by CCSSO Partner to Aid in Implementing Common Core” by Danette Clark --




3.19.13 – TASA and TASB – Reaping Our Tax Dollars” – by Donna Garner --



3.19.13 – “Some Texas Legislators Being Duped” by Donna Garner –




3.18.13 – “Shark Attack…Just When We Thought It Was Safe…TSA iCLOUD” – by Donna Garner --




3.15.13 – “CSCOPE Study Compiled by 9th Grade Business Class” – by E. W. Burt --




3.13.13 – “Midwestern U. Cannot See CSCOPE” – by Ann Work – Wichita Falls Times Record-News --

MSU doesn't train for CSCOPE


3.12.13 – “From Tex. Sen. Dan Patrick: CSCOPE and State Board of Education” --



3.11.13 – “CSCOPE: Irving ISD Did Poorly on STAAR/EOC Tests – What If Lost Measuring Stick?” – by Donna Garner -- ]






3.10.13 -- “Clarification of David Barton’s Statements on The Glenn Beck Show

by Donna Garner --



3.9.13 -- “Lumberton ISD Parent: School Demanded ‘Waivers’ after World Net Daily Report” – by John Griffing --




3.7.13 –“Exposing CSCOPE:  The controversial education program indoctrinating Texas students” – (video) -- The --




3.7.13 – “Texas Senators Donna Campbell and Dan Patrick file CSCOPE Bill – SB 1406:




3.7.13 -- “Parents fighting for the right to view critical materials related to what their children are learning”  -- by Karen Lugo, Co-Director for the Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence --




3.5.13 – Community Conversation – “CSCOPE and Common Core Standards – the erosion of values in the American school system” (video) -- Host:  Alice Linahan of Women on the Wall and Voices Empower --




3.3.13 – “CSCOPE: Bad Actors All Tied Together” – by Danette Clark --





3.3.13 – “Type #1 and Type #2: Two Completely Different Philosophies of Education” – by Donna Garner --



3.3.13 – “List of Texas Active CSCOPE Districts/School Systems as of September 25, 2012” --



3.3.13 -- “CSCOPE Lesson System Criticized by Classroom Teacher” – by Ann Work – Wichita Falls Times-Record News --



3.3.13 – “ Muslims Claim at Texas Rally for Islam ‘We are above the law of the land’ ” --  by John Griffing – World Net Daily --


3.2.13 – “Battling for Our Children’s Minds: Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum” – by Mary Grabar --



3.1.13 – “Rotten to the Core, Part III: Lessons from Texas and the Growing Grassroots Revolt” by Michelle Malkin --




3.1.13 – “Bad Idea To Link Texas Students with National Tests” – by Donna Garner --




2.26.13 – “Students Told to Call 9-11 Hijackers ‘Freedom Fighters’” – by Todd Starnes – --



2.26.13 – “Interview with Donna Garner: CSCOPE Tied to Common Core Standards” – by Diana Crews of City on a Hill Radio --




2.24.13 – “Students Made To Wear Burqas in Lumberton ISD, Texas” – by John Griffing --  World Net Daily --




2.24.13 – “Another Horror Story by Texas CSCOPE Teacher” – from anonymous Texas teacher --




2.21.13 – “Ten Shocking Lessons: CSCOPE” – by Eric Owens -- The Daily Caller --




2.20.13 – “STAAR Tests Low in Waco Area CSCOPE Schools”   (Waco Tribune-Herald) and “7 Questions Left Unanswered by CSOPE” – by Mary McGarr --




2.18.13 – “Speaker: CSCOPE Dangerous” – by Ann Work – Wichita Falls Times Record News --




2.14.13 – “The Social Engineering of Texas’ CSCOPE Curriculum” – video – Ginger Russell interviewed by David Knight --





2.13.13 – “CSCOPE Builds the Attic First, Foundation Last” – by Stan Hartzler – --





2.10.13 – “Texas State Directory: Contains Texas Legislators’ and Staffers’ E-Mail Addresses” --



2.8.13 – “On Education Precipice: Texas Could Lose It All” – by Donna Garner --





2.5.13 – “The Mish-Mash in CSCOPE” – by Donna Garner --



2.2.13 – “Not So Fast, CSCOPE: Resources for Learning Bad Choice” – by Donna Garner --



2.1.13 – “How a Texas Teacher Really Feels About CSCOPE” – anonymous --



1.31.13 – “Most Amazing Senate Education Hearing Ever: CSCOPE” – by Donna Garner --



1.31.13 – “Video Clips from Texas CSCOPE Senate Education Hearing: Questioning of CSCOPE” – Women on the Wall



1.31.13 – “CSCOPE Witness List – Texas Senate Education Hearing” --





1.28.13 – “Texas Rep. Steve Toth Files HB 760 – Anti-CSCOPE” --




1.26.13 – “To Gripers: Let New Plan for Texas Public Schools Continue” – by Donna Garner --




1.24.13 – “How Burkburnett ISD and Other Districts Can Follow the English TEKS Without CSCOPE” --




1.23.13 – “Why Common Core Standards Wants To Buy CSCOPE: Muslim Brotherhood Group To Connect All U. S. Schools” – by Aaron Klein -- World Net Daily --





1.22.13 – “CSCOPE Interview – Co-Hosts Alice Linahan and Rebecca Forest with Donna Garner” --




1.22.13 -- “Christopher Columbus Goes Green” – by Ginger Russell --





1.19.13 – “Renowned Science Author Banned from CSCOPE” – by Janice Van Cleave --




1.18.13 – “CSCOPE Science Lesson – Discredited, Error-Filled” – by Janice Van Cleave --




1.18.13 – “Are Texas Public Schools Really Starved for Funds?” – by Donna Garner --




1.16.13 – “Dr. Stan Hartzler’s Opinions on CSCOPE” – by Dr. Stan Hartzler –  Laurie Bartlett’s On Point, the Right Conservation  --



1.14.13 -- “Link to CSCOPE lesson planning that illustrates why teachers are resigning over CSCOPE” --





1.13.13 – “Obama Interested in ‘Allah-Is-God’ Curriculum – CSCOPE” – by John Griffing, World Net Daily --





1.3.13 -- Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 of Colleen Vera’s investigative report, “What’s Behind the


Part 1 --

Part 2 --




1.10.13 – “Comment posted anonymously by Texas teacher” --




12.26.12 – “Is Texas’ CSCOPE Curriculum Pro-Islam & Anti-Christian?” -- by Tim Brown --




12.19.12 – “CSCOPE Under the Microscope: Critics Say CSCOPE Was Developed to ‘Cash in’ on the Curriculum Pie” – by Davd Mundy – The Gonzales --





12.18.12 – “CSCOPE Director: It’s an option, but teaching is still necessary” – by Ann Work – Wichita Falls Times Record-News --





12.16.12 – “Some teachers at odds with CSCOPE: System to help with STAAR/EOC test scores often found lacking” – by Ann Work – Wichita Falls Times Record-News --



12.20.12 – “Mother takes fight to CSCOPE: Parent sees anti-Christian teachings– by Ann Work -- Wichita Falls Times Record-News --




12.16.12 – “Some Teachers at Odds with CSCOPE” – by Ann Work -- Wichita Falls Times Record News --




12.13.12 – “CSCOPE: Texas Teaching ‘Allah Is the Almighty God’ ” – by John Griffing, World Net Daily --




12.6.12 – “CSCOPE: A Lesson in Indoctrination” – by Donna Garner --




11.28.12 – “Texas Does Not Want a Two-Track System But Wants All To Be Educated Citizens” – by Donna Garner --




11.26.12 – “Texas schools teach Boston Tea Party as act of terrorism” – by Eric Owens -- The Daily Caller --



11.15.12 – “CSCOPE Hearing on Nov. 15, 2012: Texas State Board of Education” – by Donna Garner --


1.14.13 – “Absolutely No Need for CSCOPE” – by Donna Garner –


10.22.12 – “CSCOPE and Why It Causes Teacher and Student Burn Out” – by Donna Garner --



10.15.12 – “CSCOPE: Trying To Operate Under the Radar” – by Donna Garner --



10.12.12 -- “CSCOPE: Texas Teachers Given Gag Order” – Written by concerned Texas educators --



10.12.12 – “CSCOPE Horror Stories from Classroom Teachers” --





8.1.12 – “Ector County ISD Rolls Out New CSCOPE Curriculum Plan” – by Geoff Folsom - --




2011 – “Ector County ISD – CSCOPE Power Point: Session 1, Overview and Web Nav ECISD, Research Base, Screen 7, Linda Darling-Hammond, Lev Vygotsky, et al.” --




*Note:  Janice VanCleave regularly updates her CSCOPE website:



Donna Garner