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Lord, I thought I knew you,

   but know the winds have changed.

Tossed away, will you find me?

   Can still , my heart be sustained?

Just me and you when things were new,

then the season's storms blew by.

   Did I forget to worship you?


Will you come, Lord Jesus to gather us- your sheep.

   For the days grow long and still,

If we watch and wait, will you hear us yet-

   Can we stand strong to do you will?


 The wheat has been blowing in that field,

   While the laborers are so few.

What then, now are we waiting for?

   Can hardened hearts become like new?


 Safely can we stay behind you,

   as we march with your trumpet sound?

Or- have we stayed and hid so long now,

   That our roots dry underground?


 I pray Lord that you will find me.

   I pray not to be ashamed.

I seek you when it's early Lord.

   I pray not to fall away.


So come Lord Jesus come quickly-

   The terrible day is at hand.

I pray we'll all be steadfast.

   So you may strengthen our spirits ,

as we stand.


Loree Brownfield

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« What Does Movie GOD Is NOT Dead Have To Do With Common Core-In Short That Is A Main Subject Of Common Core | Main | Elois Zeanah Respond to Tommy Bice About Common Core--Stubborn Facts »

If You've Been Told Common Core Is Not Nationalized (Or Should We Say Centralized)--Then Look At Their Central Planning

--Abe Lincoln: "Philosophy Of Classroom In One Generation Will Be Philosophy Of Government In The Next" 


Most states signed on to these Common Core Standards since Jan 2010 and to date almost all states, except ten, have a movement to repeal them.  Why?  Because many parents have seen in their own homes that they are poisoning the minds of America's children, besides dumbing them down and at the same time--costing the states money, they do not have.  But, there are those making money and guess who they are --the developers and promoters.  To top it off, they have the audacity to force taxpayers to pay for the assaults on the children.  Can parents afford to play dead or trust their legislators.

It is very rare to find legislators against Common Core and therefore this election will be key to removing the poison from the states.

Here's where you know there are central planners to Common Core.  You can just hear it across states.

  • Door #1 is the Indiana Example-when they got what they were told as Indiana's own College and Career Ready Standards-see link of result

This is an excerpt of musings on the Indiana Repeal:

Even with this new bill we have to wonder how much Indiana is surrendering control over their standards.

SB 91 originally stated that the new Indiana standards must “comply with federal standards to receive a flexibility waiver under 20 U.S.C. 7861.” Proponents believe that “college and career ready standards” means adopting Common Core or something practically identical to the Common Core State Standards in order to stay within compliance of the state’s conditional waiver.

The bill also says the standards must “Prepare Indiana students for college and career success,  including the proper preparation for nationally recognized college entrance examinations such as the ACT and SAT.”  While that seems good, ACT and SAT have said their tests will be aligned to the Common Core.


Also they can lead you to Door #2

  • Door #2--Control leadership such as Alabama's Senator Del Marsh.  As Speaker Pro Tem he is able to use the same ploy as he did last year and prevent an anti-Common Core bill from being voted on.  You see that repeated in many states and the Business Council's seem to be the voices heard over the people.  Hmmm but God is not dead and there will be an accounting.

As the above picture clearly shows,  America's foundation is being destroyed and it is happening in the classroom.  The planners of Obamacare now are fully implementing Obamacore.  Can we learn and not repeat lessons from Obamacare?

Let the local boards be able to choose to opt out of Common Core--that is what the Central Planners want as in reality they know whose really in charge. Teachers are afraid to speak out locally -so the truth will not be heard and that is the enemy of error.

Let's be strong and ask Sen Beason's original bill be allowed to be voted on instead of being changed to suit those that didn't want it voted on in the first place.  Let's stand for what's right for a change and pray hard that these people will be convicted to follow an awesome God and His ways.  

I pray they will ask themselves--what would Jesus do?  Simple question but yet so full of wisdom.  I hope they will do as George Washington and many others like him at the beginning of this nation, when things looked so hopeless and they felt so helpless. 

That's when God shines the brightest and I believe God is looking down upon every county Superintendent, every principal, every legislator and Governor..knowing full well their relationship with Him will determine the fate of the children and their very own.

Let's remember our history and these famous words from Ben Franklin:

I have lived, Sir, a long time and the longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth -- that God governs in the affairs of men. And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without his notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without his aid? We have been assured, Sir, in the sacred writings that "except the Lord build they labor in vain that build it." I firmly believe this; and I also believe that without his concurring aid we shall succeed in this political building no better than the Builders of Babel: We shall be divided by our little partial local interests; our projects will be confounded, and we ourselves shall be become a reproach and a bye word down to future age. And what is worse, mankind may hereafter this unfortunate instance, despair of establishing Governments by Human Wisdom, and leave it to chance, war, and conquest.

Listen to David Barton of Wallbuilders and let's find the way back to American Exceptionalism

 Hope you have already seen these:

Common Core Causes Cognitive Distortion

Mary Calamia Testimony:

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