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« Common Core Issue #1 In Many States | Main | Petition/Resolution To Remove State Superintendent of Education-Tommy Bice »

Election Will Determine Your Child's Future--Human Capital and Assessing For Compliance? Who To Vote For--"By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them"--Matthew 7:20

Here's food for thought from a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.-"The first question which the priest and the Levite asked was: 'If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?' But... the good Samaritan reversed the question: 'If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?"

The sad thing is that most voters do not realize that in this year's election if they do not stop to help the least of us (the children that is in the middle of a "mind war" in schools), what will happen will indeed affect all of US.

You see the Common Core Standards are so bad that Professors Sandra Stosky and Jim Milgram (who were asked by developers of Common Core to head Validation Committee) refused to validate it.

However,  the most troubling aspect of these invalid standards are pointed out by Anita Hogue in this incredible interview with Charlotte Iserbyt.  A must hear for everyone concerned with this issue.  Anita Hogue won a case using the PPRA (Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment).

Here are some points in this eye-opening interview along with key terms:

Assessment is the "value" of property.  Children are now referred to as " human capital" (or Products as referred to by Billy Canary  of BCA).  Assessment is the value of our children the human capital.


Total Quality Management is Quality Control to make sure there is compliance of each individual system (just like the Obamacare individual mandate).

  • individual child
  • individual teacher
  • individual principal
  • individual school
  • individual school district
  • individual state 

All systems must be  geared toward compliance!

Assessing or testing and re-testing is necessary to determine compliance!

Remember the Recovery Act- 4.35 billion poured into education. Eash state pressured to do a longitudinal system where every aspect  of education was put on computer.  RTT grants had little "compliance requirements."

The "Crosswalk"- a software that is used to take what your doing in local district and crosses over and links to the national system was developed.

Total Quality Management--a system called feed back "loop" control.

  • Key is collection on local level, that's your testing your assessment . It all begins there-locally. You have  to collect information on the individual

  • You're going to score the info on whatever the government wants (hmm--global warming, sex ed etc. etc.), then you analyze it.
  • Then you target for interventions
  • Then you analyze it again
  • And starts again then you do a re-testing,

That's why its called the "loop", continual evaluation testing, to meet the stardards.

Most importan thing that happened is the Common Core Standards.  It's most important reasoning is to standardize your child (make compliant/conform).

This is a powershift away from local control- a power shift  from Competency Based Education To Outcome Based Education (OBE)To Federal Level!

Common Core is creating 1.National Curriculum 2.  National Test.

Obama instituted by fiat the NCLB waivers with a big push to force teachers to teach Common core.

Teachers are to now be evaluated on how their students are doing on tests.  Teachers no longer have control of their classrom as they now must comply with system.  Children are being tortured by testing and re-testing--it is mastery learning, conditioning the children.  Children are stressed  and not wanting to be drilled anymore. 

Very unnatural defies difference in people.  Forces everyone to be average.

Used in continual testing feedback loop control.

We have already seen Socialism at work in our it too far-fetched to think it's not going on in education?  Wake-up America before it's too late and your children will have no choice but to conform. 

The upcoming elections starting with the Primaries are key if you want to regain control!

So how do you determine who to vote for?

1.  First pray for wisdom from God

2.  Study the Superintendent of Education and see who are his allies and what decisions he had made on Common Core. 

3.  Study the candidates.  In Alabama, the Congressional candidates have had almost three years to get rid of Common Core.  Why didn't they?  Study who controlled your candidate.  What are the chances that candidate will do something different this time around?

4.  Records speak louder.  Please check out who has been exposing Common Core and who has tried to promote it.  Don't rely on savvy media marketing.  There is so much $$$$ behind promoting Common Core that people who will normally do right have turned on this one issue.

5.  Join Stop Common Core group on fb in your state.

6.  Band together in your towns and do sign waves, conferences and  always have copies of information as you can share them at grocery stores, school car lines etc.

7.  Give the issue to prayer groups in your churches and community.  Share and remember read 1Cor2:16... you are able with God's help as nothing is impossible with God.




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