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Lord, I thought I knew you,

   but know the winds have changed.

Tossed away, will you find me?

   Can still , my heart be sustained?

Just me and you when things were new,

then the season's storms blew by.

   Did I forget to worship you?


Will you come, Lord Jesus to gather us- your sheep.

   For the days grow long and still,

If we watch and wait, will you hear us yet-

   Can we stand strong to do you will?


 The wheat has been blowing in that field,

   While the laborers are so few.

What then, now are we waiting for?

   Can hardened hearts become like new?


 Safely can we stay behind you,

   as we march with your trumpet sound?

Or- have we stayed and hid so long now,

   That our roots dry underground?


 I pray Lord that you will find me.

   I pray not to be ashamed.

I seek you when it's early Lord.

   I pray not to fall away.


So come Lord Jesus come quickly-

   The terrible day is at hand.

I pray we'll all be steadfast.

   So you may strengthen our spirits ,

as we stand.


Loree Brownfield

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H.R. 1913, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009

Please visit for more info--following is an excerpt from them:

The main purpose of this legislation is to elevate homosexuality, bisexuality, and gender identity to race.

H.R. 1913 broadly defines “intimidation. Under this, a pastor’s sermon could be considered “hate speech”  if heard by an individual who then acts aggressively against persons based on any “sexual orientation” and be prosecuted for “conspiracy to commit a hate crime.”

Supporters of H.R. 1913 claim the legislation only covers bodily injury.   However, it opens the door to religious leaders or members of religious groups being prosecuted criminally, based on their speech or protected activities under conspiracy law or the criminal code-- and could include conduct or speech that aids, abets, counsels, commands, induces, procures or causes the act to be done by another. A pastor’s sermon concerning religious beliefs and teachings on homosexuality and gender confused behaviors may be considered to cause violence and be punished or at least investigated.

Also, by requiring criminal investigations to focus on a suspect’s thoughts and specific intent, federal law enforcement agencies will now be able to focus on a suspect’s religious beliefs, membership in religious organizations, speech and activities conducted by a church, and any past statements made to, or by, a suspect, all in the name of determining whether a suspect acted with a prohibited “bias.”

Ultimately, a pastor’s sermon concerning religious beliefs and teachings on homosexuality and gender confused behaviors could be considered to cause violence and will be punished or at least investigated. Once the legal framework is in place, political pressure will be placed on prosecutors to investigate pastors or other religious leaders who quote the Bible or express their long-held beliefs on the morality and appropriateness of homosexuality and other sexual behaviors. Religious teachings and common beliefs will fall under government scrutiny, chilling every American’s right to worship in the manner they choose and to express their religious beliefs.

H.R. 1913 falsely claims “the incidence of violence motivated by the actual or perceived …sexual orientation, and gender identity...poses a serious national problem.” FBI statistics from 2007 (the latest available) reveal that there is no national epidemic of hate against minority groups or against homosexuals.

This so-called “hate crimes” amendment will make 30 sexual orientations into federally-protected minority groups! The American Psychiatric Association (APA) has published 30 such sexual orientations that, because of Congress’s failure to define “sexual orientation,” will arguably be protected under this legislation. These 30 orientations are listed in the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), which is used by physicians, psychologists, social workers, nurses, and psychiatrists throughout the U.S. It is considered the dictionary of mental disorders. Those 30 sexual orientations include behaviors that are felonies or misdemeanors in most states or can result in death.

Please take this information to churches.  If churches do not act on this--it may be too late.  Full house will vote on this next Wed 4-29 and Senate also asap as this is on a fast track as the Pres wants it by Memorial Day!  Call Congress  (202) 224-3121 .  Call or e-mail as many as you can to let them know you care deeply about this issue.  Call the minority leaders offices in House of Rep and Senate and also the majority leaders offices and let them know.  Ex. just ask for the minority leaders office in House and they will gladly transfer you.  Let us courteously tell them how important this issue is to us.  Click on this for their e-mail addresses.

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