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Why is America At War

Cross in the ashes of the WTC

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The Powerful Story on the Twins
Lifting Each Other in Prayer with Ms. Margaret
Remembering 9/11 in'09
Fresh Hope, the ministry of Susan Sieweke, D.Min.

For in him we live (zao {dzah'-o}, and move, and have our being; Acts 17:28

Fields White To Harvest



Lord, I thought I knew you,

   but know the winds have changed.

Tossed away, will you find me?

   Can still , my heart be sustained?

Just me and you when things were new,

then the season's storms blew by.

   Did I forget to worship you?


Will you come, Lord Jesus to gather us- your sheep.

   For the days grow long and still,

If we watch and wait, will you hear us yet-

   Can we stand strong to do you will?


 The wheat has been blowing in that field,

   While the laborers are so few.

What then, now are we waiting for?

   Can hardened hearts become like new?


 Safely can we stay behind you,

   as we march with your trumpet sound?

Or- have we stayed and hid so long now,

   That our roots dry underground?


 I pray Lord that you will find me.

   I pray not to be ashamed.

I seek you when it's early Lord.

   I pray not to fall away.


So come Lord Jesus come quickly-

   The terrible day is at hand.

I pray we'll all be steadfast.

   So you may strengthen our spirits ,

as we stand.


Loree Brownfield

What If A Nation Prayed

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Revised Rules of Engagement--Empowering The Enemy:  Joshua's Death  The Father's Letter & Interviews

Czars and Their Unconstitutional Powers

Health Care Bill Or The Derailing Of America

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Is America's leaders in delusion--when the enemy is set free and a soldier can no longer defend!

Excerpt from John Bernard --please go to his website

We as a nation have allowed a sickness to creep in called a lie. This lie has been propagated in the school systems through the use of revised history. The lie is pervasive and essentially paints the United States and its citizenry as incredibly evil people who have impressed their evil on the innocent peoples of other nations. The result of decades of this kind of indoctrination is a self-loathing. It is not unusual for someone to seek redemption once they discover their sin and elements within the United States have spent their lives trying to ‘make up’ for the sins of the past. This week’s example of this was the release of Laith al-Khazali in Iraq. He is not a soldier, nor an elected representative of his people. He does not expound on the virtue of peace nor has he developed a vaccine for cancer. He is a murderer. He listened to and believed a lie and that lie grew into something insidious and he acted on it and because of that at least 5 American Soldiers did not return home to their families. In an 'act of reconciliation', the upper echelon of our own military released him back to his family. Match that to the plight of Sgt Larry Hutchins who kidnapped an Iraqi civilian (he suspected of aiding the insurgency in his area of operations) and subsequently shot him in the head. He is spending 15 years in prison for murder. The parole board recommended leniency and a reduction of sentence but earlier this week, Donald Winter – a man with ZERO military experience; a member of the Bush administration and now the Obama, denied him. Reconciliation you say?

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