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The True Price of Common Core--Share, Cry, Get Mad, Pray And Then Act

I hope when you read this mother's story--you will let Sen Del Marsh (334) 242-7800 know that the true price of him setting aside SB403 will be paid for by our children.  That's a price I hope you tell him and all legislators you are not willing pay and Common Core must go!

"I took my twins (3rd grade) back to school today after the test was over and had to witness the most heartbreaking thing any mother facing this common core can son 8 yrs old with a learning dissability and who cannot keep up with this crap of ONE SIZE FITS ALL EDUCATION,just had an emotional breakdown in the lobby of his school...he HATES it there,he begs my everyday to not go,and I am forced to make his little head take in work that doesnt make sense to him,or to any child for that matter,my once HAPPY child,is now angry...he kicked his sneakers off threw them accross the lobby threw his lunch box,ripped off his sweatshirt,and headed for the front door of the building to RUN,to run away from a place he use to LOVE,the school psycologist had to grab him,walk him away from me down the hall with no shoes on,as he looked at me and cried heart cant take anymore of what these pieces of shit (pearson) are doing to my kid,and to all the kids that choose to hold it in,as my son has decided to get it out of his little system,and I feel so helpless,as I sit here and wait for a call from the school,to see how he is..I called 2x's and I get the psycologist voice mail."

When Alabama's Senator Del Marsh says "I have not had time to get my hands around it" and "it's not one of those bills that I had focused on this session"-- as justification to not allow a bill be voted on--parents should be wondering why not?   A bill that can prevent the horrific story above (coming out of a state that has been under Common Core longer than ours) can't be passed? 

One of the people Del Marsh is focused enough to listen to is Sup. of Ed. Tommy Bice who is misleading him and our state.  Tommy Bice is not telling the whole truth to the Legislature and citizens that the Alabama College and Career Ready Standards  that he says are "ours"-- are in fact the copyrighted Common Core State Standards with only the "allowable" Alabama specific Standards (max up to 15%).  Bottom line--Alabama parents Constitutional right over their children's education is being removed.

Another Tommy Bice wrong doing (and here we see the legislature reign him in) is when he reached in to disperse millions that were ear-marked for Alabama's Reading and Math Initiatives.  That tells you Tommy Bice can be wrong to the point of going past what he is "constitutionally" allowed to do. 

Common Core is wreaking havoc in states such as NY and Ga etc.  It would do our legislature good to heed the studious RNC and their Resolution to repeal Common Core. 1,539 NY Principals are outraged about its effects upon children and teachers (eval tied to tests).  Ga is trying to get out as they found it is a dumbing down.  Their Seniors reading requirements are at today's 7th grade level.  Math so confusing even accountant can't help child do elementay math. 

The biggest under-statement however was from Sen. Del Marsh when he said "I want to help on this common core issue", as he chose not to listen to Heritage Foundation sharing information that would have shed truth on it.  He failed to wrap his hands around the fact that this is not just any other issue.  

This is all about the most important issue to voters--their children and children should come first!  Michigan and Indiana have already realized that and their movement to stop it is succeeding and more states are putting their children first as they are realizing their mistake. Even though it cost Ga. an enormous amount of $$ they know their children and getting things done right are worth it.


Contrast the mother's story at the top with hearing that  Sen. Del Marsh walked out on hearing the truth about Common Core which implies a disregard for truth on what is affecting children. Please pray for the family above and others suffering.  Please continue to call Alabama Governor Bentley for us (334) 242-7100... and Senators Del Marsh and Jabo Waggoner to repeal Common Core (334) 242-7800.  Please also call House of Representatives at (334) 242-7600.  SB403 and HB565 needs your support.  Also please ask your US Rep. such as Martha Roby to defund Common Core!  Please share this and we request your prayers to our Almighty God that He would have mercy and grace upon us.



Then he replied to me, "This is this message from the LORD to Zerubbabel: 'Not by valor nor by strength, but only by my Spirit,' says the LORD of the Heavenly Armies.  Zechariah 4:6



Robert Scott testimony that Common Core is untested.

Clarificationo of What Tommy Bice says are Alabama Standards

Tommy Bice on Reading and Math Initiatives Over reach

Ga. sees Common Core as dumbing down

Del Marsh walks out on Heritage Foundation

Data Mining through Common Core

Contact Numbers For Legislators

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